Conference Speakers

social sciences conference

Dr. Edlira Xega

Full time lecturer of Text Analysis, Written English, Semantics and Linguistic Diversity and Intercultural Communication in the Department of Foreign Languages in “Fan S. Noli” University, Faculty of Education and Philology, Korça, Albania. Graduated and post graduated in English Teaching, holding a PhD degree in Linguistics, in the field of Didactics. The Field of study focused on Socio-didactic Approaches and in the role of Intercultural Communication in the teaching- learning process. Experience in Primary and Secondary Education and Interpretation.

social sciences conference

Dr. Lorena Robo

Lorena Robo – lecturer of Text Analyses, Psychology of Teaching of Foreign Languages, Testing, Assessment and Standards in foreign language modules and ESP at “Fan S. Noli” University, Faculty of Education and Philology, Department of Foreign Languages, graduated in English Language in 2006 and post graduated in Linguistics holding a PhD degree more specifically in lexicology, phraseology studies. Participant in various international conferences and journals with articles related to methodology and linguistics as well.